YOTTA Academy – English Winter Camp”ART&MUSIC”

我們的⽅法 從孩⼦和家庭每天的⽣活、學習開始,從孩⼦ ⾃⾝的 特點出發,把⼤⽬標化成⼀個個⼩⽬ 標,⼀點⼀點地 去做,每天有進步,每天有收穫!

⽤ “愚公移⼭” 的 精神,相信 “滴⽔穿⽯” 的⼒量,不斷地⿎勵孩⼦、 幫助孩⼦,向著正 確的⽅向進步,健康成長!我注重 引導孩⼦有 強烈的求知欲、好奇⼼,教孩⼦學 “怎樣 學知 識”,讓孩⼦不斷探索、不斷獲取前進的動 ⼒, 逐漸成為具有⾃我學習的能⼒、能夠⾃⾏ 確定前進的 ⽬標。

我們主張根據孩⼦⾃⾝的天 賦和興趣愛好、特點,引導並發展孩⼦的特長 我們的課程 長期積累英⽂的好教材,從深厚的中華⽂化精 粹和經 典的⻄⽅⽂化中,精選了的英語的優秀 學習材料(書 ⾯⽂字、⾳頻、視頻、電影等), 提⾼孩⼦們對學習 的興趣,對世界的好奇⼼、 探索欲,培養他們遠⼤的 理想、抱負;改善孩 ⼦的性格,建立良好的習慣,豐 富孩⼦的⼤ 腦,提⾼孩⼦的能⼒激發孩⼦學英語的興 趣、 彷彿置⾝於英美國家的英語 “原⽣態” 環境, 使 他們了解並熟悉⻄⽅社會和⽂化,這不僅能 迅速提⾼ 英語的聽、說、讀、寫能⼒,⽽且能 學習如何與⼈交 往,如何理解、尊重他⼈並懂 得⾃尊,培養其紳⼠風 度和⽂化素養。

OUR METHOD Starting from the daily life and learning of children and families, starting from the characteristics of the children themselves, turning the big goals into small goals, doing it little by little, making progress every day, and getting rewards every day!

With the spirit of “Yugong Yishan”, I believe that the power of “constant drip wears the stone” encourages children, helps children, progress in the right direction, and grow up healthy! I pay attention to guiding children to have strong desire for curiosity to teach children how to learn, to let children continue to explore, to constantly gain the momentum of advancement. OUR CURRICULUM A long-term accumulation of good textbooks in English, from the profound Chinese culture and classic Western culture, the selection of excellent English learning materials (written text, audio, video, film, etc.) to enhance children’s interest in learning. The world of curiosity, exploring desires, cultivating their lofty ideals and ambitions. Improving children’s personality, establishing good habits, enriching children’s minds, improving children’s ability to stimulate children’s interest in learning English. The environment enables them to understand and be familiar with Western society and culture. This not only quickly improves listening, speaking, reading and writing skills of English, but also learn how to interact with people, how to understand, respect others and understand self-esteem.


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